Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is one of the most important things for your website. A website without SEO is like a car without wheels, you have done all the hard work getting it built and designed but without this vital part, it is pointless. There are many ways that your site can improve its SEO which intern will improve your websites google standings for specific keywords.

We go through all of these steps to try and ensure that your website gets the best natural web listing on the internet putting you in front of  potential customers. With google, you can get paid advertisements that put you on the front page for specifically targeted keywords and search terms. This is a good short term option if you want immediate exposure at a high price, but once your budget has finished unless you top it up it is gone.

Your budget can be used simply by people just clicking on your site from using a specific term, regardless of if you get business from this click on not. With organic SEO we grow your website’s google ranking “naturally” to ensure that it is always as high on google’s ranking as possible.

There are several different kinds of SEO Services that we have to offer that can improve your organic google standings from on-page optimisation to link building, search engine friendly website design and the correct content.

How it’s done


If you are looking into SEO and how it works you might come across the term “Content is King”, which in SEO terms is very much true. Over the course of the last decade, google has gone through many different stages and methods of website ranking. Previously backlinks, web traffic, and paid promotion played a massive part in ensuring your website was a hit.

Whilst now this is still true to a point, content is pivotal to the success of your website, and making sure it’s engaging, accurate and informative will show positive results within your SEO strategy.

Keywords & Descriptions 

Updating your websites keywords and descriptions can help google recognise what your business does and where you do it. At Social Link Up we can ensure we are targeting the correct keyword and descriptions for your business. Simple things such as duplications, inaccurate titles and poorly managed keywords can have a negative effect on the overall strength of your website.

Social Media 

Social media is no longer something that you use to connect with old school friends or keep in touch with people who live far away. Social media is now one of the forefronts for a business to marketing its products or services and to communicate with customers in a quick and effective manner. It allows you to find your audience with targeted Facebook marketing campaigns and then communicate with people regarding your business and queries that people may have.

Example of our work

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Jeff Ayres Associates

Jeff Ayres Associates wanted to improve their ranking positions in major areas such as Essex and London.

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